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TPMS Service

Welcome to Tom’s Tire Pros, your trusted destination for TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) services in Texas, with convenient locations in San Angelo, Eastland, and Abilene. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your vehicle’s tires are always in top condition, keeping you safe on the road.

What is TPMS, and Why is it Important?

TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This system is an essential part of your vehicle as it monitors tire pressure and alerts you when the air pressure in any of your tires falls dangerously low. Proper tire pressure is crucial for safe driving, optimal tire wear, and improved fuel economy. TPMS helps maintain the right tire pressure, thereby ensuring safety and efficiency.

Common Signs of TPMS Issues

It’s good to know when there might be something wrong with your TPMS. Here are some signs to look out for:

TPMS Warning Light on the Dashboard: This is the most obvious sign. If a light that looks like a flat tire or has an exclamation mark inside a tire shape lights up on your dashboard, it’s telling you that one or more of your tires have low air pressure. This light is really important and means you should check your tires as soon as you can.

Air Pressure Changing Unexpectedly: If you notice that the air pressure in your tires keeps going up and down a lot, there might be something wrong with your TPMS sensors. Tires naturally lose a little air over time, but if it happens quickly or often, it’s a sign that your TPMS might not be tracking the air pressure correctly.

Tires Wearing Out Unevenly: If one part of your tire is getting worn out faster than the rest, it could be because the air pressure isn’t right in your tires. This can happen when your TPMS isn’t giving you the correct information. Keeping the right air pressure in your tires helps them last longer and makes driving safer.

Tire Feels Flat or Looks Low: Sometimes, even before the TPMS light turns on, you might feel that your car isn’t driving smoothly, or you might see that one of your tires looks flatter than the others. These are signs that you should check your tire pressure.

TPMS Services Offered at Tom’s Tire Pros

Here at Tom’s Tire Pros, we offer a range of services to make sure your TPMS is in top shape:

Inspection and Problem Solving: Our first step is to take a good look at the TPMS sensors in each of your tires. We use special tools to test if they’re working properly. If we find something’s not right, we’ll figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.

Replacing Faulty Sensors: Sometimes, a sensor might stop working and need to be replaced. We can take out the old sensor and put in a new one so that your TPMS can do its job right. We make sure the new sensor is just right for your car.

Resetting and Calibrating the System: After we fix or replace sensors, we don’t just stop there. We reset your TPMS system and make sure it’s calibrated exactly as the car’s manufacturer says it should be. This makes sure that your TPMS will give you accurate readings.

Air Pressure Check and Adjustment: We also check the air pressure in all your tires and adjust it if needed. This helps your tires last longer and your car to drive better.

Advice and Education: We believe it’s important for you to understand your TPMS. So, we’ll explain what we did and why and show you how to keep an eye on your TPMS and tire pressure at home.

By taking these steps, we ensure that your TPMS is working perfectly, keeping you safe on the road and helping your tires last as long as possible.

The Process of TPMS Service at Tom’s Tire Pros

Our TPMS service process is thorough to ensure optimal performance:

Inspection: We start by inspecting the TPMS sensors and the valve stem to identify any visible damage or wear.

Diagnostic Test: Using specialized tools, we check the functionality of each TPMS sensor.

Repair or Replacement: Any malfunctioning sensor is either repaired or replaced.

Resetting the System: After servicing, the TPMS system is reset to ensure it accurately monitors tire pressure.

Final Check: We do a final check to make sure the TPMS warning light is off and the system is functioning correctly.

Benefits of Regular TPMS Maintenance

Regular TPMS maintenance at Tom’s Tire Pros offers several benefits:

Enhanced Safety: Properly functioning TPMS sensors ensure that your tires maintain the right pressure, reducing the risk of tire-related accidents.

Improved Tire Life: Correct tire pressure helps in even tire wear, extending the life of your tires.

Better Fuel Economy: Properly inflated tires can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Peace of Mind: Knowing your TPMS is functioning correctly offers peace of mind as you drive.

Understanding TPMS Alerts and What to Do

If the TPMS light on your dash illuminates, it’s crucial to take immediate action:

Check Your Tire Pressure: Use a tire gauge to check the air pressure in all tires.

Inflate or Deflate Tires as Necessary: Adjust the air pressure to meet the recommended levels by your vehicle manufacturer.

Seek Professional Help: If the light persists, visit Tom’s Tire Pros for a professional checkup.

Choose Tom’s Tire Pros for Your TPMS Service Needs in Texas

For reliable and efficient TPMS services, choose Tom’s Tire Pros in Texas. Our experienced team, equipped with the latest tools and technology, ensures your vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system is always functioning at its best. Trust us for your TPMS needs and drive with confidence on the roads of San Angelo, Eastland, and Abilene. Contact us today to book your next service.